Pacific Northwest 2000

Sunday, August 20
Drove up to Anacortes from Seattle today. On the way, we stopped off at Bowman Bay State Park near Oak Harbor. As almost everywhere we went, the scenery was magnificent. While there, we saw Great Blue Herons roosting in a tree, Belted Kingfisher, Oregon Juncos, and White-crowned Sparrows.

View from Bowman Bay State Park

We found these beautiful flowers, Seaside Tansy (Tanacetum douglasii) in many parts of the state.


We drove on a little further to Deception Pass State Park which offers wonderful views of the pass and the bridge connecting Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands.


Took the ferry from Anacortes through the San Juan Islands to Friday Harbor and back this afternoon. It was a little cloudy, but the scenery there was also beautiful. Saw a couple of roosting Bald Eagles, some birds that I think were Pigeon Guillemots, and Pelagic and Brandt's Cormorants along with the easier to identify Double-cresteds. Also saw an Osprey with a fish. On the trip out we saw one seal frolicking in the water near  the boat. On the way back about 13 of them hauled out on a rock and a couple more in the water.

As we approached Anacortes, the clouds were lifting and we caught some views of the snow-covered Cascades and Mount Baker. Very pretty. After we departed the ferry, I spotted a hawk that I believe was a Rough-legged Hawk. It landed in a tree and a passing Belted Kingfisher noticed it and started harassing it. First time seeing a kingfisher take that kind of action.

The second day - Vashon Island

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