Limpkin Cloned!

Cheri Beats the Scots!

Although the Scots have claimed a first in cloning a sheep, I have definite proof that Cheri has not only succeeded in cloning an animal, she has actually brought one back from extinction. Her first attempt was not too successful, producing a grapefruit-eating, rock-smashing specimen, but further cloning attempts were so good that many individuals were actually released into the wilds of Limpkin World.

Recently Cloned Limpkin by Richard L. BeckerLimpkin! It really exists!

Another Closeup of a Limpkin
And one of them even ate real limpkin food!

This Limpkin says, "No grapefruits for me!"

Mating Limpkins at Lettuce Lake Park, Tampa, Florida
Limpkins at Lettuce Lake Park, Tampa, Florida
Limpkin at Wakodahatchee Wetlands Park, Boynton Beach, Florida
Limpkins at Myakka River State Park, Florida
See Limpkin Images at Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach, Florida

Whooping Cranes in Florida

I was fortunate to have Cheri bring me to a place where captive-bred whooping cranes had been released. Although not "countable," these were magnificent birds and I truly enjoyed seeing them. Sheer grace and elegance. Whooping CranePair of Whooping Cranes in Kissimee, Florida

Sheer Elegance - Whooping Crane in Flight

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I enjoyed this so much that I want to look at the rest of SongStar!

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