Orlando H. Garrido

We went directly from the airport to the residence of Orlando H. Garrido, one of the authors of the Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba and founder of both the Cuban Academy of Science and the National Museum of Natural History of Cuba.

Señor Garrido told us about the Cuban endemic birds we were hoping to see. He "illustrated" his talk with mounted specimens of many of the birds.

Orlando H. Garrido, Author of the the Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba

We were fortunate to have Sr. Garrido sign our books.

Orlando Garrido signs Joan (and my) copy of the "Field Guide tp the Birds of Cuba"

Orlando Garrido's Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba

Havana, Cuba
December 1, 2014

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Hotel Paseo Habana, Havana, Cuba
Hotel Paseo Habana
Havana, Cuba

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