Brigantine NWR
(Edwin B. Forsythe NWR)
New Jersey - Page 2

Canada Geese can be found here at all times of year

Canada Goose - May 5, 1995Canada Goose Family - May 5, 1995
Spring provides ideal breeding conditions for Canada Geese
Canada Goose on the Lookout - May 5, 1995

Canada Geese at Brigantine - November 29, 1996
Resting after Thanksgiving

Canada Goose Walking on Ice - January 1, 1997
New Year's Day on the ice

Northern Pintails are abundant in the fall

Northern Pintails at Brigantine - November 29, 1996
Norhtern Pintails Tipping Up - November 29, 1996 Northern Pintails - January 1, 1997

They feed by tipping up.

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