Piping Plover
Charadrius melodus

Piping Plove, Breezy Point, Queens, New York

Piping Plover at Breezy Point, Gateway National Recreation Area, Queens, New York
June 30, 2010

While working with my pictures in 2011, I discovered that this Piping Plover was color banded and sent the banding information to the Bird Banding Lab. Shortly after, I received information from the bander.

"Many thanks for the sighting of one of my birds. She (we think it is a female) was banded in Feb 2010 at South Blanket Sound Flats, North Andros Island, The Bahamas for a project where we are trying to determine where Bahamas-wintering Piping Plovers breed. She nested at Breezy Point last summer, and then was seen back in The Bahamas last winter. On 15 Mar 2011 she was reported from North Carolina, presumably during spring migration. I haven't had any reports of her since then."

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