Nesting American Robins (continued)
Turdus migratorius

May 6 Even though their eyes are still closed, the babies know how to get a good meal!

ThBaby American Robins demanding to be fed - Stamford, CT. 

May 7 Some fuzzy feathers are coming out.

The baby American Robins are beginning to show feather development - Stamford, CT.  The baby American Robins are beginning to show feather development - Stamford, CT.

May 7-8 - We helped keep the babies fed by supplying mealworms, but it was the parents that did the hard work.

American Robin with mealworms - Stamford, CT.  American Robin with mealworms - Stamford, CT.

May 8 - The baby robins continue to develop, but still need parental care to keep them dry and warm in the rain.

  Three Baby American Robins in Nest - Stamford, CT.  American Robin on nest in the rain - Stamford, CT.

May 11 - At 4:00 p.m., the three babies are filling the nest and showing good signs of development. Wing feathers are coming in.

  Three Baby American Robins showing signs of development - Stamford, CT.  Three Baby American Robins showing signs of development - Stamford, CT.

Later that evening, we discovered that one of the babies was missing from the nest. Early the next day, the nest was empty. American Robins normally fledge between 14-16 days after hatching. Since the first had hatched on May 3, this was much too early.

May 13 - We had continued putting our mealworms in hopes that somehow the baby American Robins had survived. In the early afternoon of the thirteenth, I found one baby in a window well at our house. At first I thought it would be best to leave it there, feeling it was a safe area. However, it soon started fluttering and was unable to get out of the well so I picked it up and put it under a shrub. The parents were quite agitated while I held the baby, but soon quieted down.

  Fledgling American Robin - Stamford, CT.

That was the last I saw of the baby, but the parents continued gathering the mealworms. We have had a few immature robins in the yard since then, and we hope that one of them was "our" baby.

On June 25, I was surprised to see the adult robin sitting on the nest again. When she got off, I saw three eggs in the nest.

Brooding American Robin, Stamford, CT  3 American Robin Eggs in Nest, Stamford, CT

I continued monitoring the nest there were no further eggs and then on July 5, I saw that the first baby had hatched. I was unable to take any photographs because the branches obscured my view. Early on the morning of July 6, I checked the nest again, only to find it completely empty. I can only surmise that the neighborhood fireworks the night before had caused the mother to abandon the nest, leaving the baby and remaining eggs easy prey.

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