Nesting American Robin
Turdus migratorius

 2009 Update:

We were away for a long weekend and when we returned on May 4, we were surprised to find four American Robin eggs in the same nest as last year. We had no idea that they would reuse the nest.  By May 15, all four eggs had hatched. We watched the nestlings develop but because of the problems last year, I decided not to take images of the eggs or nest so as not to disturb the parents.

By the morning of May 27, three of the nestlings had fledged and one remained in the nest. Looking at the remaining one, I just had to get some images. It left the nest shortly after I took these pictures.

Fledgling American Robin, Stamford, CT  Fledgling American Robin, Stamford, CT

On June 9, I found a robin sitting in the empty nest. The next day, the nest was occupied by a House Sparrow. I chased that off, and a robin eventually reoccupied the nest. After that, the nest got a little disheveled. On the night of June 14, I looked in the nest and saw something rectangular in it, mostly white. Couldn't tell exactly what it was. The next day, we determined it was a slice of bread. Saw the House Sparrows coming to it several times and chased them away. When I looked at the nest in the afternoon, the bread was gone. Very strange.

While we were vacationing in Texas a pair of American Robins built a nest in the Charlie Brown tree, right outside our bedroom window. The nest was completed and one egg was in the nest when we returned, but I was unable to take a picture until the following morning. The view was sometimes obscured, but we did enjoy watching the ensuing activities.

April 21, 2008 The nest had one egg at the start of the day; two by the late afternoon. The female robin only sat on the eggs for short periods during this time.

American Robin Egg in Nest, Stamford, CT  American Robin Nest With Two Eggs, Stamford, CT

April 22 There were now three eggs in the nest; while the mother spent some time on the nest, she hadn't begun full-time incubation.

American Robin Nest With 3 Eggs, Stamford, CT  Brooding American Robin, Stamford, CT

April 23 American Robins generally lay four eggs, but the number can vary between three and six. The female robin waited about 24 hours after laying the last egg, then spent most of her time on the nest incubating the eggs.

Brooding American Robin, Stamford, CT  Brooding American Robin, Stamford, CT

May 3 A late afternoon check of the nest showed one chick had hatched. It appeared pink and helpless, but it already had quite an appetite.

One nestling American Robin and two eggs - Stamford, CT.  Hungry baby American Robin on the day it was born - Stamford, CT.

May 4 By early morning, the second chick had hatched.

Two nestling American Robins and one egg - Stamford, CT.  Two nestling American Robins and one egg - Stamford, CT.

May 5 In the late morning, the third and final chick had hatched.

There are now three baby American Robins in the nest - Stamford, CT.  There are now three baby American Robins in the nest - Stamford, CT.

The Nesting American Robin continued

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American Robin at Sherwood Island State Park, Westport, Connecticut
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