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Sandhill Cranes by Dotty Hull

Feeding the Sandhill Cranes
by Dotty Hull

(This first appeared in the March 1995 issue of the original B.A.R.B.)

Hank Hull Feeding Sandhill CranesSeveral Sandhill Cranes have been visiting our yard regularly since we moved into our new house last September. A family of four cranes seems to have claimed our yard for their territory and will chase off any other birds that are here when they arrive. It is amusing to watch them as they flap their wings and charge towards a flock of grackles and blackbirds. It is amazing to watch as they take feed from Hank’s hand when he goes out to greet them.

One day Hank wasn't home when they arrived and I was unable to get feed for them. I watched them as they walked around the entire screened porch, looking in at the patio, then checking the front yard before returning to the area around the birdfeeder to forage. They seem to know even without checking whether or not there is an abundance of seed on the ground. If there is no seed on the ground, they proceed to the door where Hank usually exits to feed them. When they see Hank, they come running.

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