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On Monday, February 1, 2010, we learned of the passing of our Menorcan Correspondent, Denise Martin. While I never met Denise, I simply had to consider a good friend. She joined the SongStar e-mail group back in 1999 and through her notes about the wonderful island of Menorca, its features and birds and her stories of Mr. Bumperman, Daisy and Bertie (click to see their pictures), and the Menorcan children she shared her experiences with, I felt that I really knew her. I certainly shall miss her humor and wisdom.

Later that same day, we learned that Dotty Hull, too, had passed. Unlike with Denise, I did have the pleasure of meeting Dotty and Hank in person—at the Prodigy Cape May get-togethers, when she came to New York and New Jersey to look for owls, and in Florida where she and Hank were kind enough to host us. I enjoyed reading her posts to our e-mail group; in fact, Dotty posted the first message to the group back in 1998 when the group was hosted by I have never met anyone with such a bright, happy outlook on life and will truly miss her.

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B.A.R.B. News and Field Reports

  Sue and the Whoopers
By Sue Tichy

Ed and Lyn Go East
By Ed Hunter

Abbie's Costa Rican Adventure
By Abbie Banks

Dotty & Hank in Search of Owls
By Sylvia Alexander,
Cele Deemer, and
Joan & Richard Becker

Happy Hookers -
Bombay Hook Trip Report
By Kathie Lambert

The Red-footed Falcon OR How to Do Martha’s Vineyard in 24 hours
By Kathie Lambert

Dotty's Brigantine Grass
By Dotty Hull

Leucistic Junco
By Clare Sleeter

Bea's Backyard Birds
By Cheri Pierce

Birding with Cele
By Rusty Deemer

Feeding the Cranes
By Dotty Hull

Florida B.A.R.B.
By Abbie Banks, Doreen Hughes,
Hank Hull & Cheri Pierce

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
By Kathie Lambert

My Trip to Maine 2003
By Kathie Lambert

Meeting in the Adirondacks
By Emily Pugsley,
Anne A. Smith & Porgy Smith

Zellwood, FL
By Cheri Pierce

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Joan and Richard Becker

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